a film by Aline Schoch

In a regulated system built of boxes, characters live and work in isolation. They draw, cut, fold and stack paper boxes. As the stacks get too high and finally collapse, the characters find each other and discover life together.


Script and Director Aline Schoch | Script Consulting Norma Giannetta | Storyboard Consulting Frederic Siegel | Character Designs Veronica L. Montaño, Aline Schoch | Animation Tests Etienne Mory | Layout Frederic Siegel, Aline Schoch | Edit Consulting Thaïs Odermatt | Graphic Design Stefan Gartmann | Animation & Coloring Etienne Mory, Aira Joana, Aline Schoch, Sven Kristlbauer | Additional Animation & Coloring Kerstin Zemp | Backgrounds Aline Schoch | Compositing Joder von Rotz, Ramon Schoch | Color Grading & Export Lomotion – David Röthlisberger | Music Composition & Production Xenia Wiener, Janos Mijnssen | Foley Artist Dieter Hebben | Voice Recording Noah Lüthi | Voice Actors Irina Feller, Eva Birrer | Sounddesgin & Mix Noisy Neighbours – Loïc Kreyden, Thomas Gassmann

With the support of

  • Albert Koechlin Stiftung (Innerschweizer Nachwuchs-Kurzfilmwettbewerb 2021)
  • Federal Office of Culture (FOC) Switzerland
  • SWISSLOS / Kultur Kanton Bern, Berner Filmförderung
  • Canton of Lucerne – Cultural department, Switzerland / Swisslos


  • Producer: Ursula Ulmi | Ulmi Film GmbH
  • Co-Producer: Ramon Schoch | YK Animation GmbH
  • Co-Produced by: SRF SRG Swiss Radio and Television | Gabriela Bloch Steinmann

Special Thanks

Familie Schoch, Stefan Gartmann, WG Tgiclauna, W28 und Ateyee, Maja Gehrig, Kilian Vilim, Marion Täschler, Etienne Kompis, Noah Lüthi, Noisys, Fanny, Nadine, Lena, Jana, Anna, Olivia

Release Date



8 min


no dialogue


Aline Schoch


Ulmi Film


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